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Using Emotional Intelligence to Strengthen the Manager/Employee Bond


Studies show that traditional intelligence, or IQ, is not enough for employees to perform at a consistently high level. Individuals will need to possess not only well-developed intellectual and technical abilities, but also equally impressive social and emotional skills – “emotional intelligence” – to navigate their ever-changing, increasingly stressful work environments. In fact, researchers have determined these skills account for between 27 and 58 percent of job success. During this interactive session, an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant will help you understand how emotions affect decision making and can often get in the way of connecting with people. He'll provide concrete tools on how to use our whole brains to better understand employees and guide them through their workplace struggles.

HRLS-West-Speaker Jarik-Conrad Jarik Conrad - Sr. Director, HCM Innovation, Ultimate Software


Don’t miss this pre-conference workshop on April 17th, 8:00 AM at the main session hall


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