HRLS-West-Speaker Brian-Scudamore

Brian Scudamore

Founder & CEO, O2E Brands


HRLS-West-Speaker Jerry-Gratton

Jerry Gratton

VP, People & Culture, O2E Brands


HRLS-West-Speaker Stacy-Donovan-Zapar

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Founder, Tenfold


HRLS-West-Speaker Todd-Hirsch

Todd Hirsch

Chief Economist, ATB Financial


HRLS-West-Speaker Lorne-Rubis

Lorne Rubis

Chief People Officer, ATB Financial


HRLS-West-Speaker Keri-Fraser

Keri Fraser

Senior Director, Human Resources – North America, Colliers International


HRLS-West-Speaker Ashley-Dalziel

Ashley Dalziel

VP, People & Culture, Freshii


HRLS-West-Speaker Ben-Bazinet

Ben Bazinet

VP, Human Resources, Horizon North


HRLS-West-Speaker Michelle-Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Director, Human Resources, Total Compensation and Payroll Services, TransLink


HRLS-West-Speaker Adam-Taylor

Adam Taylor

Managing Director, DDI Canada


HRLS-West-Speaker Manu-Varma

Manu Varma

People Person, Traction On Demand


HRLS-West-Speaker Bart-Willmore

Bart Willmore

VP, Human Resources, Calgary Co-operative Association Limited


HRLS-West-Speaker Shawn-Jacks

Shawn Jacks

Retail Scheduling & Operations Communications Director, Calgary Co-operative Association Limited


HRLS-West-Speaker Joyce-Maroney

Joyce Maroney

Director, Workforce Institute at Kronos


HRLS-West-Speaker Susanne-DiCocco

Susanne DiCocco

Partner, People & Change Services, KPMG in Canada


HRLS-West-Speaker Adam-Charania

Adam Charania

Vice President, Human Resources, Rocky Mountaineer


HRLS-West-Speaker Rob-Catalano

Rob Catalano

Co Founder, WorkTango Inc.


HRLS-West-Speaker Cecile-Alper-Leroux

Cecile Alper-Leroux

Vice President, Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation, Ultimate Software


HRLS-West-Speaker Julie-Kothlow

Julie Kothlow

Director, Strategy & Operations, People & Change Services, KPMG in Canada


HRLS-West-Speaker Vincent-Chow

Vincent Chow

Partner, LoganHR


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