HRLS-West-Speaker Manu-Varma

Manu Varma

People Person, Traction On Demand

Manu is an HR professional with over 15 years of experience in high tech, utilities and finance. He has had the good fortune of partnering with all job functions in all his roles. He has crafted a broad base of human resources skills as a generalist and as a specialist predominantly in organizational development around the world in China, India, France, the US and throughout Canada. He is a champion of creating solid people practices with specialties in employee engagement, recruitment, change management, training and leadership development, succession planning while also supporting the transactional side of HR. His two passions are people and bringing technology to the HR realm.

Now, at Traction on Demand, he is using Traction’s own cloud based apps with other apps in the Salesforce ecosystem, to revolutionize how companies leverage traditional HR practices with new and innovative tools. HR can really bring value and secure its seat at the table. The “People Cloud” is constantly looking for ways to create “more time for play” for HR professionals, their business partners and employees. Manu really believes in innovative people practices and using technology to make that happen.