GOeVisit West-HR-Leaders-PartnersGOeVisit is a Canadian company providing online access to medical visits for minor illnesses with Canadian doctors, anytime, from anywhere! It’s fast, safe, secure and private. There is no fee to enroll or use the service. We are here to help people get better and stay healthy and we don’t charge for that!

GOeVisit doctors can provide advice, diagnosis, treatment and fill prescriptions, all starting with the click of a button. GOeVisit is a convenient, accessible and practical solution for Canadians seeking a timely visit when they need it most. It provides an alternative to missing a day at work, loss of pay, waiting days for a doctor’s appointment or taking sick children or family members to a walk-in clinic or worse: an emergency room. For travelling executives, it can mean the difference between a productive trip and a lost business opportunity.

GOeVisit offers alternative therapies to the over prescription service normally provided by standard medical visits. In fact, the use of virtual consultations has been estimated to reduce prescriptions by as much as 40%, a tremendous saving to businesses and individuals. However, if a prescription is needed, we can deliver anywhere in Canada, within one business day, for free!

Accessing a certified medical professional that cares about your well-being, and the well-being of your family, has never been easier with the convenience of GOeVisit.

Visit  www.goevisit.com for more information.